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    Manufacturer: Platiro

    4k HD 120° Wide Angle + 12X Macro Clip Lens

    ₹ 1,690.00
    Platiro 4k HD 120° Wide Angle + 12X Macro Clip Lens – Premium Lens that advance your Phone Photography.
    • PROFESSIONAL PHONE CAMERA LENS : Designed for high megapixel photography & video camera use. Take better photography and capture the instant beauty on your mobile phone.
    • 2 IN 1 DESIGN : Wide angle lens gives you a major wide view and the macro lens gives you a magnified picture. Anywhere you can imagine. It can be easily clipped on your jeans or hanged on your backpack.
    • HD WIDE ANGLE LENS : The 4K HD wide angle dramatically increases your wide-angle range. Fit the entire family or the whole team into the picture.
    • MACRO LENS : Capture ultra-sharp 12x close-up photos of small scenes and objects. Highlight interesting details and textures of your subject. Fascinate your audience with robust views of tiny subjects and environments.
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY : Easily clips on to any mobile device with included clip. Fits the front and back cameras of most smartphones and tablets, and even works with laptop webcams. Just clip on, focus and click for high impact wide angle, macro images and videos.