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Lens shade for Jr Otus 1,4/28 ZE/ZF.2 MFR #2144-503

Uncompromising performance across the entire image field makes this full-frame lens unique and sets new standards among wide-angle focal lengths. Raise your photos to a totally new dimension by capturing even the tiniest details of your subject.
₹ 26,450.00

Lens shade for Otus 1,4/55 ZE/ZF.2 MFR #2099-455

With the unrivalled performance that sets all Otus® lenses apart from the rest, the ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 is the absolute measure of perfection when it comes to standard lenses. Now you never need to settle for less again.
₹ 22,150.00

Lens shade for Otus 1,4/85 ZE/ZF. 2 MFR #2099-456

The ZEISS Otus 1.4/85 is a superlative lens in every respect – just like every other focal length in the unique ZEISS Otus family. A lens designed and constructed with the comprehensive expertise and vast experience of ZEISS.
₹ 23,650.00

Lens shade for Otus 1,4/100 ZE/ZF. 2 MFR #2246-664

With its new Otus 1.4/100, ZEISS has expanded the tried and tested Otus family to include a new telephoto focal length. The ZEISS Otus 1.4/100 is one of the best lenses in its class due to its low sample variation, outstanding imaging performance, and superior build quality.
₹ 23,650.00

Lens shade for Milvus 2,8/15 ZE/ZF. 2 MFR #2144-504

Infinitely wide horizons, cramped interiors or small objects in large surroundings – with the ZEISS Milvus 2.8/15, all photographers can deliberately orchestrate extreme perspectives.
₹ 22,150.00

Lens shade for Milvus 2,8/18 ZE/ZF.2 MFR # 2144-505

Be it stylish interiors, majestic landscapes or tumbling waterfalls, the super wide-angle ZEISS Milvus 2.8/18 lens loves to capture dramatic vistas. Just like you.
₹ 14,950.00

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